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Events in Sárvár

  • The Simon-Judas Fair

    The history of the fair goes back for 600 years. At the fair everyone can find goods fitting his needs and beyond delicious meals and drinks it offers a wide range of programs for the lovers of culture, too.

    every oktober’s last saturday

  • International Folclore Festival

    This festival has been the top of the city's programmes for over 30 years now. It is a popular meeting point of European and oversea dance groups, where visitors can experience unforgettable productions, and a magical blend of colorful dances.

    20th august 2016

  • Castle meeting biker and rock festival

    Motorcycling is a feeling, not depending on one's age. Bikers meet in the city for the 14th time this year. Come and join the loudest international motorbike and rock festival of the year in Sárvár.

    7th-9th august 2016

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